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Each of us has memories

Together, let us preserve our memories and identity for future generations. Pride in our past drives us to build our future with enthusiasm and look for the spark of new beginnings within us.

How to become a donor to IM Oryahovo

Any donor is welcome to join us, please contact the museum team to arrange a meeting and accept the exhibits you have prepared.

A short list of some of our donors and donations:

1996Verka MinkovaWomen’s hats, scarf and bag, basket, knitted tablecloth, photos
1996Stancho MarinovGramophone records
1996Elizabeth TodorovaLadies hats, coffee grinder, 1st place wreath from 1937 tailoring competition, diploma of B. Mikhailov – member of gymnastics society, postcards, photos
1997Lilia DeninskaSukman, women’s shirt and apron
1997Katya AlexandrovaMessali
1998Margarita LenkovaLadies blouse, messal and shawl
1998Lyudmil IvanchevSeals of the fishing company “Ogosta”
1998Lilia KlychevaWomen’s shirt, canvas for brassals, two woven tablecloths
1999Pierre LuigiCash for archaeological crawl
1999Assen TsvetkovPhotocopy of a book from 1921.
1999Venelin Ginchev Book “36 Kozloduy Regiment”
1999Georgi IonovBooks, notebooks and documents of Hr. Krastev