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The House Museum "Diko Iliev and the Brass Bands" was inaugurated on 17 August 2018. It was renovated under the project of the Oryahovo Municipality under the Inter-IPP Bulgaria-Serbia Cross-border Cooperation Programme. The "Diko Iliev" exposition, which has been stored for several years in the Ethnographic House, was moved here after the previous museum of the folk composer was irrevocably affected by landslides. With a new vision, the exhibition tells the story of the life and unique talent of the creator of the Danube Choir. A second exposition is dedicated to Diko Iliev, which relates to the brass bands he created and led in Northwest Bulgaria. In the house you can see two more interesting expositions - " Andrey Chaprazov" and "Urban life of the 1920s and 1930s".


Експозиция „Дико Илиев“

Exposition "Diko Iliev"

Експозиция „Градски бит от 20-те и 30-те години на ХХ в.“

Exposition "Urban life of the 1920s and 1930s"

Експозиция „Андрей Чапразов“

Exposition "Andrey Chaprazov"

Експозиция „Апостолското дело на Дико Илиев“

Exposition "The Apostolic Work of Diko Iliev"

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