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2022 – 2023

A full-color album with new design and content has been published, including works published in an album from 2008. 500 copies have been printed in Bulgarian and 500 copies in English. The new edition commemorates the 90th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Marin Varbanov. It contributes to the popularization of the life and work of the famous textile artist. It is in a convenient format and is intended for distribution and sale. Its mission is to make Marin Varbanov's precious heritage in the field of soft sculpture known to a wider audience and to make more people outside the artist-creator community aware of our fellow citizen's significant contribution to the art of decorative textiles. The album provides biographical data (an article by Dr. Evgenia Naydenova), information about Marin Varbanov's artistic development, participation in exhibitions and appearances, opinions of art historians and students (a review article by Prof. Laura Dimitrova), reflections by Boryana Varbanova about her father, thoughts of Marin Varbanov and a catalogue of his works and of icons made in his textile studio.

Thanks to the Ministry of Culture, which supported the realization of the project, we have a book - a window to the work of Marin Varbanov, which is present on three continents and connects cultures, traditions and modern trends. It is a worthy expression of our common appreciation of the talent and excellence of this world-renowned Bulgarian artist.

The layout and printing of the album was realized by "Borina Stil" Ltd.


  1. Content preparation: October - December 2022

Contacts were established with Boryana Varbanova - the daughter of Marin Varbanov. The Museum received her full cooperation, as she provided additional biographical data, thoughts of Marin Varbanov, personal text - reflections about her father. A biographical retrospective was compiled. Dimitar Drandyisky, a classmate of Marin Varbanov, sent for the album a high school photograph of their class of 1950. Prof. Laura Dimitrova, lecturer at the Department of Visual Arts at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", prepared a review article.

  1. Printing: February 2022 - March 2023

Antonij Handzhijski and Vyara Kandzheva from the publishing house "Borina Stil" made the translation of the texts into English, prepared the catalogue in colour with the annotations to the works of Marin Varbanov, the design of the album and proceeded to its prepress processing and proofreading. At the beginning of March 2023 the album was ready and submitted for printing.

  1. Promotion: throughout the entire project 2022-2023

Albums were sent to art galleries around the country.

On April 27, 2023, at the Art Gallery "Prof. Marin Varbanov" took place the presentation of the album in the presence of the students of prof. Marin Varbanov - Mihaela Pudeva - head of the Textile Section at the Union of Bulgarian Artists and Margarita Dopcheva, Mr. Rosen Dobrev - Mayor of Oryahovo Municipality, artists, Mr. Neycho Savchev, gallery owner of the gallery "Savchevi"- Oryahovo, representatives of the "Nadezhda 1871" Community Centre and educational institutions, citizens.

The project is presented through publications in various media and on the Facebook page of Oryahovo's History Museum.