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Project “Bridge to New Audiences” 2022-2023

Between July 2022 and December 2023 the History Museum of Oryahovo implemented the project “Bridge to New Audiences” with the financial support of the National Culture Fund. The objectives of introducing innovative approaches to presenting the cultural and historical heritage and expanding the museum’s capacity to attract different groups of visitors were achieved. The project is a step forward towards the digitisation of cultural heritage. We owe the successful completion of the project to our partners Desislava and Valko Pingelovi from “Perfect” Ltd. and Tanya Dimitrova from “Yanika” Educational Centre – Sofia. We are grateful for the support of our partners.

The main result is the creation of interactive catalogues in Bulgarian and English, which provide access to a newly created digital information base for all exhibits from the two permanent exhibitions “Archaeology” and “Revival” in the central building of the museum. Each visitor has the opportunity to browse the digital content of the catalogues on site through multi-touch displays and personal selection of the artefact of interest. At the same time, by scanning a QR code for a cultural property in the exhibition, they will also gain remote access to data about it.

An important result is the production of video guides in Bulgarian and English on the two main museum exhibitions. The Bulgarian video versions are supplemented with sign language translation with the assistance of Tanya Dimitrova from the Yanika Educational Centre in Sofia.

The museum’s website has been updated with a modern design, acoustic content, 360-degree images, contacts. It gives clear information about the museum objects and expositions, about past and upcoming events, offers information about the history of the town and about the prominent personalities of Oryahovo.

The Bridge to New Audiences project establishes the authority of the Oryahovo History Museum as a constantly developing institution, open to modern technologies and challenges.