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For 6 months the History Museum of Oryahovo has been working on the implementation of the project "Sedyanka - a dialogue between past and present", whose aim is to preserve and transmit to our children the Bulgarian traditions. Funded by the "Participate - Donate - Change" program of the "First June" Association, Byala Slatina through the "America for Bulgaria" Foundation and with the support of the Oryahovo Municipality, this new venture ended with positive results. They were presented in a photo exhibition and a bazaar exhibition in the Art Gallery "Prof. Marin Varbanov" on August 21, 2015 in the presence of citizens and guests, including Natalia Kostadinova and Ivan Yankov - representatives of the Association "First June" and Petya Vassileva - President of the Foundation "Аncestral Мemory".

The project provided an opportunity to showcase our rich cultural heritage in a relevant and engaging way with an emphasis on skills in traditional needlework techniques. It brought together the efforts of many people. It started from the initiative of Hristina Tsoneva - Secretary of Oryahovo Municipality, went through its preparation and serious work by the museum team, received the support of partners such as the Pensioner and Disabled Club "Detelina", the "Lyudmila Zhivkova" Community Centre, the "Nadezhda 1871" Community Centre and Foundation "Ancestral Memory". The organized trainings "Knitting and embroidery", "Weaving and felting" and "Preparation of winter food and traditional Bulgarian dishes" attracted 43 children between 7 and 15 years old, who willingly participated and with their dexterous hands created beautiful products and delicious dishes. They worked in the cozy Ethnographic space created for the occasion. Women from the Oryahovo Pensioners Club took part as leaders and shared their time with the children and revealed to them the charm of Bulgarian folk art. The master weaver Natasha Manchova inspired the little followers of Bulgarian traditions to create beauty through the loom and the felting of wool. Representatives of the community centre showed embroidery techniques. 29 volunteers participated in the implementation of the project activities and their work contributed to the achievement of the set goals. The ethnographic house was visited by more than 200 people, of whom 80 were children.

Through the website of the Center of Cultural and Historical Heritage of Oryahovo, maintained by the Foundation "Ancestral Memory", all the activities of the project were promoted and presented to the public. The video camera provided by the Foundation was used to record moments from the trainings, of particular importance are the videos with the master Natasha Manchova, who shows how to work with a loom and the demonstration of knitting traditional patterned socks by the women at the Club of the retired and disabled "Detelina" Oryahovo.  The videos can be viewed in the presentation room of the Ethnographic House. They have already been presented to children from the kindergarten in the village of Oryana. Selanovtsi and to representatives of the Pensioner's Club from the village Brenitsa.

Concrete results

  • The built Ethnographic Corner is a useful acquisition of the museum in its work and contributes to the realization of one of the main tasks - to present the rich cultural heritage in an attractive and entertaining way.  Its supplementation with ethnographic materials - rugs, cushions, dishes gives an authentic atmosphere and attracts the attention of visitors.
  • The made loom remains in the Ethnographic House. The loom is still in use and can be used again, outside the project, for demonstrations and activities.
  • The knitted socks and the woven shepherd's bag and cushion cover are now museum exhibits and will be used in exhibition activities and, if necessary, in various events with a patriotic purpose.
  • The videos - recordings of sock and canteen knitting and wool product making will be preserved in the collection and used as needed.
  • The participating students aged 7 to 16 years were imparted knowledge and skills in knitting, weaving and felting wool in the traditional ways. Learning about folk art and traditions enriched them spiritually. Through them a link between the past, present and future was created.


  • Especially fruitful was the partnership with the Club of the Pensioner and the Disabled "Detelina" in Oryahovo. Representatives of the organization were constantly available. Thanks to their initiative, goodwill and willingness to work, the knitting training was held, exhibitions were organized, funds were raised through donation. Their help was especially important for the positive results achieved. The project brought us together and led to the creation of a good friendship with them.
  • We also received the support of the Municipal Children's Complex "Lyudmila Zhivkova" in Oryahovo. Its team was by our side in organizing most of the events. It was also the link with some of the children being trained. They provided us with the necessary materials (stove, trays) to conduct the training in the preparation of traditional Bulgarian dishes.
  • "Ancestral Memory" Foundation provided us with its internet platform to promote the project. Periodically, publications about events related to the project were uploaded on the website "Cultural Heritage Centre of the town of Oryahovo". It was through the partnership with the Foundation that we had the necessary equipment for sound and documentation of the trainings - video camera, laptop, speakers, amplifier.
  • "Nadezhda 1871" Community Center joined with the Women's Chorus in opening the knitting class, facilitated several embroidery classes, and donated embroidered handkerchiefs.

We are pleased to share what we have achieved and would like to thank our partners and everyone who participated in the project!

Evgenia Naydenova – Project Coordinator and Director of History Museum Oryahovo