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The Ekimdzhiev House is more than 130 years old. The restoration was carried out with the funds of the Oryahovo Municipality at a cost of over 1 million leva. The family that built the house is from Teteven. Martin Milev was the first member of the family to settle in Oryahovo. His descendants are Petar Dilov and Todor Ekimdzhiev, who, engaged in trade, actively participated in the economic life of Oryahovo at that time.

They mostly exported furs and cocoons, owned large warehouses and shops, had their own ship and barges. They produced quality wines and a representative restaurant on the first floor of the house was supplied with their own wine.

A descendant of the family who inhabited the building is today's architect Todor Dilov (son of Todor Dilov and Ditsa Ekimdzhieva). The house is part of the volumetric and spatial solution of Diko Iliev Square. It is located near the municipality building.

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Мултимедийна изложба „Марин Върбанов. Принцът от Оряхово“

Multimedia exhibition "Marin Varbanov. The Prince of Oryahovo"