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In the period December 2015 - May 2016 the Oryahovo History Museum implemented the project "Diko Iliev in the Memory of the Generations" under the program "Participate - Donate - Change", administered by the Association "First June" Byala Slatina and funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The financial support from the program is worth 2992, 72 BGN. The museum's own budget contribution is 2979,19 BGN.

The main objectives of the project with 10 activities were to enrich with new information, documents and objects the collected materials about the unforgettable composer and to promote his life and work in different ways.  Each activity had its own contribution in achieving these objectives, which remained unchanged throughout the six-month period of work. The good preservation of each element of the DIKO Iliev Museum Department is an additional task that we accomplished thanks to the support of the "Participate - Donate - Change" program.

The partners of the museum in the implementation of the project were the "Nadezhda 1871" Community Centre, the State Archive - Vratsa and the "Ancestral Memory" Foundation.

Project coordinator - Evgenia Naydenova, HM Oryahovo

The project "Diko Iliev in the memory of the generations" was launched on January 15, 2016 at Art Gallery "Prof. Marin Varbanov" with a presentation of the planned activities. The objectives and expected results were stated. The program "Participate-Donate-Change" and the idea behind it to support the solution of a significant problem for the society with the involvement of volunteers and supporters was presented. Students from V B and VII A with their teachers Sonia Tsvetanova, Natalia Danova and Shenai Amish, citizens and representatives of the municipal administration were present.
We met different people. We talked with the composer's grandson Plamen Iliev. Panka Pagelska and Neycho Savchev, two of our fellow citizens closely connected with the social and cultural life of Oryahovo, told us their memories. Nikolai Pachev, historian and former museum worker, provided us with his notes. Angel Manovski - musician, who played in the Oryahovo brass band was our good interlocutor. We contacted the tourist information center in Mizia and received assistance and information from the manager - Galina Yolkova. We established cooperation with History Museum - Botevgrad, where they sent us their information.
On February 15, 2016, the 118th anniversary of Diko Iliev's birth was celebrated with a festive program including performances by the brass band and the women's choir, prepared by the Community Center "Nadezhda 1871" - Oryahovo. The event was attended by Mr. Rosen Dobrev - Mayor of Oryahovo Municipality and Mrs. Rumiana Dekova - Chairperson of Oryahovo Municipal Council. Guests were Vesela Pelova from the State Museum of Vratsa and Nedka Dimitrova from the Museum of Regional History of Vratsa, invited by the Oryahovo museum. The celebration started with a video, including fragments of five films featuring Diko Iliev, provided by the Bulgarian National Television fund. Contacts with BNT and BNR were made in January. We made a trip to Sofia and received recordings from both national media. The BNR footage will be used on appropriate occasions. Also part of the project was the printing of a newspaper "Heritage" with materials about the composer stored in the State Archive Vratsa. The newspaper was presented to the audience in the hall with a short annotation by the chief expert in the archive - Vesela Pelova. During the celebration, neighbors of the composer's family thrilled the attendees with their kind words about the hospitality and kindness of Diko Iliev and his wife. In order to popularize Diko Iliev's work among the younger generation, we expanded the planned performances of the project. We realized visits to different schools. On March 14, 2016 the team of the History Museum of Oryahovo visited the Hristo Botev Secondary School. The students from VIIB, VIII A, VIII B, IX B, XI B classes in separate consecutive lessons got acquainted with the life and work of Diko Iliev through a presentation and fragments of films about the composer, provided by the archive of the Bulgarian National Television. There were pleasant playful moments with the Danube Choir. On 21 March 2016, the students from the Hristo Botev Primary School - Ostrov village listened with interest about Diko Iliev in the presence of Irena Stankulova - Mayor of Ostrov together with Stanislava Stefanova from the Chitalishte "Razvitie". On April 27, 2016 we visited the National School of Arts "Panayot Pipkov" - Pleven. Each school received one issue of the "Heritage" newspaper for their library.
The meetings "Let us remember Diko Iliev" and the celebration of the 118th anniversary of the composer's birth were filmed with a video camera and archived on DVDs. Cassette tapes of the concert "70 Years of Diko Iliev" and of broadcasts about Diko Iliev on Bulgarian National Radio have been transferred to modern media. With these materials the beginning of the Diko Iliev Museum's phonological and video library was laid.
"The Archives for Diko Iliev” is a project activity with an important contribution to the collection of new evidence. The work in the State Archives in Vratsa, Montana and the Military History Archive in Veliko Tarnovo was extremely productive. Copies of 199 sheets of documents were made, three discs with scans of 114 sheets of archival materials were made and 45 documentary sheets were photographed with a digital camera. Among them are archival evidence of Diko Iliev's enlistment in the 16th Lovchan Infantry Regiment, orders for his appointment as staff bugler in the 36th Kozloduy Infantry Regiment, his promotion to officer rank and his appointment as conductor of the musicians' platoon. For the first time we have documents - copies of the originals - about the composer's life and work in the regiments. A large number of publications by various authors in the regional and national press have been collected. On the basis of the discovered archival materials two reports on Diko Iliev's service in the regiments were prepared and presented at the thematic conference by Vesela Pelova and Evgenia Naydenova. In partnership with the State Archives of Vratsa an edition of the newspaper "Heritage" was printed, specially dedicated to Diko Iliev. Copies have been provided for free distribution to the State Library of Vratsa and the "Nadezhda 1871" Community Centre, which helps to promote the life and work of Diko Iliev. Five copies were purchased by citizens wishing to support the museum's work on the project.
On May 31, 2016 at the "Prof. Marin Varbanov" Art Gallery took place the conference "Diko Iliev in the Memory of the Generations", organized with the partnership of the "Nadezhda 1871" Community Centre. Mr. Rosen Dobrev, Mayor of Oryahovo Municipality opened the conference and welcomed all participants. Atanas Ivanov - musicologist, Atanas Zvezdinov - writer, journalist, Ivan Denov - military conductor, Assoc. prof. Dr. Yordanka Mankova, Vesselka Dimitrova - expert of the State Museum of Montana, Hrizantema Rasheva - secretary of the "Nadezhda 1871" Community Center, Kuzman Kuzmanov - conductor of the brass band at the community center, Vessella Pelova - chief expert of the State Museum of Vratsa and Dr. Evgenia Naydenova - director of the History Museum in Oryahovo. The project is preparing a collection of announcements - in print by TEKON INVEST AD. The conference was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yordanka Mankova. Guests from Vratsa Regional Museum and Montana State Archives, citizens - admirers of Dikoi Iliev's unique music were present.
A committee consisting of Dr. Yordanka Mankova (Yordana Kostova Ivanova), Dr. Evgeniya Naydenova - Director of the Museum and Galina Patseva - Fund Conservator worked for three days on reviewing all available materials and made a selection of the most representative of them suitable for display. This is the preparatory stage in the work of creating a new thematically planned exposition.
Community Center "Nadezhda 1871" prepared a leaflet about Diko Iliev, printed by MIKROTEST Ltd. A website of the History Museum of Oryahovo has been created, in which the departments and especially the Diko Iliev department are presented. There is a section about the projects of the museum.
A metal filing cabinet with four shelves was purchased. It is located in one of the museum's storage rooms. All the materials from the Diko Iliev Department are arranged in new archive boxes provided by the project, sized to accommodate the size of Diko Iliev's photographs, albums, documents, scores and belongings.
The results of the project were presented at the conference "Diko Iliev in the Memory of the Generations", as well as through publications in the local press and on the Internet.