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Topic: Spirit of the Renaissance

Subtopics: "The Work of the Apostle" and "The Textbooks of our Ancestors"

Introduction to the main moments of Vasil Levski's life and work, his passing through Oryahovo twice - 1872 and who were his companions who came after him. Visiting the exhibition in the National Museum "Vasil Levski" - Karlovo /February-March/.

Temporary exhibition of Renaissance books from the museum collection. Guided tours about school work, textbooks and books during the Renaissance, famous printing houses. An important highlight is the contribution of the teacher Srebro Stoynovski to the translation and copying of the biology and mathematics textbooks in Oryahovo, which are also part of the exhibition. /April-June/


ЦHistory Museum's Central Building at 13, Vasil Levski St.

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