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Located in the renovated hall of the Ekimdzhiev House by decision of the Oryahovo Municipal Council. Modern and impressive, it tells in the language of modern technical means about the life and work of the Oryahovo-born innovator of artistic textiles - Professor Marin Varbanov.

The exhibition is realized under the project of the Oryahovo History Museum, funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation with the great support of Nadia Zaharieva - Program Director at the Foundation. The project idea was realized with high professionalism by the curator Ivo Milev from the National Gallery in Sofia, Mario Stoynov and Vladislav Iliev from Studio Phormatik. The materials provided by Boryana Varbanova, Fenix Varbanov and "George Papazov" Gallery - Yambol. To all of them - our heartfelt thanks!

The hall was provided and renovated by the Municipality of Oryahovo with the kind assistance of the Mayor of Oryahovo Mr. Rosen Dobrev and will work as a permanent exhibition.

For the first time the exhibition opens its doors on 18.08.2023 on the occasion of the Fair Days of Oryahovo in the presence of Mr. Rosen Dobrev - Mayor of Oryahovo Municipality and Mrs. Dobreva, Mrs. Rumyana Dekova - Chairman of Oryahovo Municipal Council, Mr. Steliyan Stefanov - Municipal Councillor, Mrs. Hristina Tsoneva - Secretary of Oryahovo Municipality and many guests.

September 20, 2023 marked the 91st anniversary of the birth of Professor Marin Varbanov, the Prince of Oryahovo. On this date was the official opening of an interactive multimedia exhibition presenting his life and world-renowned work in a highly expressive manner. A special and very dear guest was Mrs. Boryana Varbanova, daughter of Professor Marin Varbanov with his granddaughter, who gave an additional emotional charge to this so beautiful and energizing event.

The realization of this significant project is thanks to the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, in the person of Ms. Nancy Schiller - President of the Foundation, Ms. Nadia Zaharieva-Program Director Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology and Ms. Desislava Talokova - Executive Director, who honored with their presence and were special guests for the opening of the exposition.

Beauty must be shared and experienced, this is its main mission. This exposition is not only a profound tribute and expression of gratitude from the fellow citizens of Professor Marin Varbanov, but also a place that expresses in a very strong emotional way the affection of his heirs - all those who do not stop trying to express themselves in an unconventional way, leaving heart and soul in their works.

The museum shop offers its visitors :
  • Album "Marin Varbanov", edition of "Borina"- 2023. Printed under the project of the Oryahovo History Museum, funded by the Ministry of Culture and co-financed by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.
  • Album "Marin Varbanov", edition of "Borina"- 2008.
  • Guide to Oryahovo
  • Products of the Art Studio "Tvoritelnitsa"
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of the Interactive Exhibition "Marin Varbanov. The Prince of Oryahovo" in the Ekimdzhiev House in Oryahovo

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