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Oryahovo is a small but beautiful town with its own charm. Its centuries-old history is rich in events. Founded in the early Middle Ages with its fortress, Oryahovo developed without interruption in all the following eras.

Notable people

Oryahovo has given many notable Bulgarians to our country, but also to the world. People who became famous in different fields - scientists, artists, writers, politicians, architects... Personalities like prof. Alexander Tsankov, arch. Ivan Vasilyov, arch. Dimitar Tsolov, the actor Andrey Chaprazov, prof. Marin Varbanov. Others like the beloved Bulgarian composer Diko Iliev choose Oryahovo as their home. The famous scientist and linguist acad. Vladimir Georgiev grew up in the town and loved it for the rest of his life. In this column we will tell you about them - the notable personalities of Oryahovo, to remind about their work and not to be forgotten.