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Prof. Dr. Tseko Torbov

Prof. Dr. Tseko Torbov (1899-1987) - Еminent representative of philosophical thought

Born in Oryahovo on April 15, 1899, he graduated in law (1923) and philosophy (1929), defending two doctorates at the University of Göttingen, Germany. Student of the German philosopher Nelson. After his return to Bulgaria he was professor of German and international law at the Military Academy (1939-1947), professor of Introduction to Legal Science at the Higher School of Financial and Economic Sciences (1945-1946), professor of general theory and philosophy of law at Sofia University (1945-1948), professor of German at the Faculty of Law (1948-1963). With his works and translations of Kant, Prof. Torbov established himself as a profound interpreter of Kant's work and developed his ideas in their applied aspects. He was awarded the Herder Prize of the University of Vienna for his translation of the Critique of Pure Reason and his comprehensive scholarly work (1970) and the Golden Doctorate in Law of the University of Goettingen (1974).

The book "Life Mission" about prof. Tseko Torbov with author Vesela Lyakhova can be purchased at the museum.

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