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Project "Creation of a multimedia exhibition about prof. Marin Varbanov"

The multimedia exhibition is a 10-minute exciting touch with a stream of colors and personal photographs to the extraordinary life and unique creative world of Marin Varbanov.

The project is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Through the assistance and support of Nadia Zaharieva - Program Director Business Technology and Entrepreneurship at the Foundation, the idea for such a modern type of exhibition called "Prof. Marin Varbanov. The Prince of Oryahovo" achieved its successful realization. The exhibition is located in a municipal hall, renovated by the Oryahovo Municipality and given to the Historical Museum by a decision of the Municipal Council. The hall is located in a building known as Ekimdzhiev House. The exhibition opened for the first time on 18 August 2023 for the town fair. It was officially opened on the artist's birthday, September 20 that year.

The project activities include: purchase of necessary technical equipment - projectors, video processor, computer configuration, speakers, etc.; creation of video content and sound; tone direction; audio recording of the text for the exhibition in different languages - Bulgarian, English, French and Chinese; synchronization of the audio recording to the video; exposure of the work "Chan" by Marin Varbanov; branding; opening of a shop and preparation of promotional materials and souvenirs. The project also co-financed the publication of an album "Marin Varbanov" under a museum project financed by the Ministry of Culture.

The curator of the exhibition is Ivaylo Milev - author of the entire content. The technical execution is a work of Mario Stoynov and Vladislav Iliev from Studio "Phormatik". Narrator of the Bulgarian text to the exhibition - Daniel Tsotchev.

Great assistance with personal photos and materials are provided by Boryana Varbanova and Fenix Varbanov. Cooperation and interaction with the National Art Gallery - Sofia and the Art Gallery "George Papazov" - Yambol, which own works by Marin Varbanov.

In the short time since its opening, the exhibition has already been perceived as a valuable cultural jewel of Oryahovo and has received admiration from visitors.

Professor Marin Varbanov is a personality who evokes pride not only in the people of Oryahovo, but in every Bulgarian soul open to the magic of art. His original work is a priceless gift for Bulgaria and the world and deserves to be known.