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Andrey Chaprazov

"In my time, the theatre was a prayer, a religion and a sacrament."

These words belong to Andrey Chaprazov (February 16, 1920 - August 23, 1999), who played all the royal generals, became known for the most difficult roles of the classical and romantic repertoire, and never accepted a weak role because he always stuck to his creative credo - rich, complex and with unshakable principles.

Andrey Chaprazov was born on 16 February 1920 in Oryahovo in the family of Mikhail and Setka Chaprazov. He grew up as an alert boy with an interest in everything in the surrounding world of the small town. Between 1934 and 1936, at the discretion of his mother and uncle, he studied at the Theological Seminary, but the strict regime there did not match his spirituality. He returned to Oryahovo and in the autumn of 1937 enrolled in the 7th grade at the Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski mixed high school. Spiritual center for him and the literary circle, of which he became chairman. His last school year, 1938-1939, was particularly active. About it Andrey Chaprazov writes "Like an elemental fire I mixed recitations, solo violin performances, choral singing, participation as an artist in performances, long night rehearsals and concerts with the salon orchestra". At the same time, he was also the conductor of the church choir at St. George's Church - Oryahovo. In 1939 he took a violin competitive examination at the Conservatory - today the Pancho Vladigerov Academy of Music.

He enrolled in Professor Obreshkov's class. He graduated in 1943. The turning years for Chaprazov were 1941 and 1942. In the former he joined the theatre studio founded by Georgi Stamatov, and in the latter, after a successful casting, he became part of the newly opened theatre studio at the National Theatre, known as the Drama School, which grew into the State Theatre School. On 15 March 1944 he was appointed a trainee actor at the National Theatre. In the first months of 1945 he was mobilized for service in the Sixth Infantry Regiment of Turnov in the Svelingrad-Lubimets district. With colleagues from the Conservatory they formed the 4th Front Theater, of which he was the head. They perform 2-3 concerts twice a day. After his return to the capital in June of the same year, he continued his participation in the plays of the National Theatre. At the same time he also performed at the Labour Front Theatre. His teachers and pillars were the directors Nikolai Osipovich Masalitinov and Stefan Serchadzhiev, about whom he wrote with appreciation and affection. For almost 5 decades Andrey Chaprazov played over 60 roles. Some of his unforgettable dramatic roles include Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, the Marquis de Posa in Don Carlos and Cyrano de Bergerac in the play of the same name. For these, he received well-deserved praise and awards, including the Dimitrov Prize in 1976. In 1966-67, a dedicated talent for the spoken word, he founded and directed the "Theatre of Poetry and Variety" directed by Leon Daniel. Later, this cultural institution, beloved by the public, was renamed the Sofia Theatre.

Andrey Chaprazov also established himself as a film actor. He has been playing roles in cinema since 1949, and in television productions since the founding of television in 1959. Of particular importance is his role as General Rusev in the film "Supplement to the State Protection Act", which was awarded a high prize at the Golden Rose Film Festival in 1976.

The name of the great talent is also connected with the founding of the radio theatre.

In 1963 Andrey Chaparazov was awarded the title of Merited Artist. In 1969 he became a People's Arist. He was awarded the 1st and 2nd degree of the Order of Cyril and Methodius. In 1998, the Union of Bulgarian Artists awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Born in Oryahovo on 16 February 1920. He graduated from the theatre school at the National Theatre. Studied law, then music (graduated from the State Music Academy) and acting. Formed and led the first soldier's amateur collective of the artistic word and theatrical amateurism. In 1966 - 1967 he was the director of the "Theater of Poetry and Estrada". Moving to work at the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", he became one of its pillars until his retirement. Andrey Chaprazov has over 5000 recordings in radio theatre and is the undisputed creator of this genre in Bulgaria. He recorded various poetic compositions on records. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers. Andrey Chaprazov died on 23 August 1999 in Sofia.

Unforgettable are his incarnations in dramatic roles in:


  • „In a Rainy Autumn“ (1963)
  • „Death in the Morning“ (1973) (Klaus Eidmann)
  • Macbeth“ (1977) (William Shakespeare), 2 parts
  • „My Strangers“ (Mikhail Velichkov) (1978), 2 parts
  • „This Little Earth“ (1978)
  • „The Stamboliiski Trial“ (1985) (Pelin Pelinov), 2 parts
  • „The Millionaire“ (1988) (от Yordan Yovkov, directed by Pavel Pavlov)


Year Movies & SeriesEpisodesRole
1985Forest PeopleChief Kalchev
1984Black SwansThe Accompanist
1984The Bronze Key (TV)Atanas Mehandzhiev
1984In the Name of the People (TV series)8The General
1983Konstantin the Philosopher (TV series)6
1982Admit All3
1982Berlin Bus Stop2
1981Unexpected Vacation (TV series)4
1979Very Kind People (TV)Dr. Avramov
1978My Strangers2Boris' Father
1978Poison in the Spring
1978Die Only as a Last Resort (TV series)2William Morton, CIA Resident
1977100 Tons of HappinessThe Journalist
1976Requiem for a Slut (TV series)2Raev, Ani's father
1976Addendum to the Law for the Protection of the StateGeneral Rusev
1974AmbushManager Wilson
1974The Last BachelorKamen Shishkov
1974A Matter of Life and Death (TV series)3
1974Sunset over Drava2The Minister
1972LoveArchitect Stanimirov
1972At dawn2Professor Andronikov (in the novella: "Human Heart")
1970The Black Angels2General Kiril Danev Lazarov
1969, 1971Every Kilometer (TV series) 26Mekhanjiisky (in XVIII series: "The Secret of the Cipher")
1969Mr. NobodyDimov
1966The Kalinkov Family (TV series)12Dr. Viktor Simeonov, dentist, Moni's father
1966In the New Neighbourhood Olya's father
1962Specialist in everythingThe Director
1961The End of the RoadEngineer Ablamov
1960Home on Two StreetsEngineer Kalpakchiev
1958GolemanovGorilkov, friend of Yovcho Golemanov
1957Hajduk's oathMehmed Bey
1957Legend of Love („Legenda o lásce“)
Co-production: Czechoslovakia/Bulgaria
The Vizier
1956Two VictoriesPipev
1956Point One(reader of the dictation text)
1956The Crew of "Hope"Captain Petrov
1956The Traces RemainYulia's father
1955It Happened on the StreetDr. Penchev
1954Heroes of Shipka („Герои Шипки“)
Co-production: USSR/Bulgaria
War Correspondent
1947RedemptionSvilen Darev, their son (unfinished)

The book "The Actor and Memory" is available at the museum and can be purchased. Compiled by Mikhail Chaprazov and Ioana Spasova-Dikova. It was published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the actor's birth with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.

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